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8 different types of exercises at home.

Some people are unable to pay attention to fitness due to their job or maybe some other reasons. So today we will discuss 20 different types of exercises at home.

8 types of Exercises at home.

  • Normal pushup – The main focus of this exercise is on the chest. The normal push-up hit your chest muscle and the correct way to do normal pushups is always remember your back should be straight and your abdomen and glutes should be squeezed and your hands should be wider than your shoulder and your palms flat on the ground after that you go gradually down and touch the flow and then push yourself back.
  • Push-up in a circle – This exercise is hit your outer and inner chest muscles. First, you need to do a normal push up then Diamond push-ups then normal push-ups then do the same thing in a circular way. And keep your abdominal tight and your body should be straight.
  • Pike Pushup – This exercise is hit your shoulder muscles. This is really good exercise so your hand should be your shoulder width and you gonna get a pike position then you want to load down slowly and press up.
  • Diamond Pushup – Diamond pushups hit your triceps and help to build big muscles. So put your palms in a diamond shape and make sure you down gradually when you down slowly make sure your hands come to the center of your chest and then press up.
  • Sumo Squat – This exercise trains your quadriceps, hamstrings, Glutes, and lower body parts. You need to make sure you want to take a wide stance and you need to make sure your feet is at a 45° Angle. And your chest upright and then slow down and then up.
  • Plank – This exercise is hit your core muscles. And this exercise really beneficial for core muscles. So first you need lay on the floor and your shoulder will underneath your shoulder than press yourself upwards and bend the elbow and fall to the forearm to make sure your body should in a straight line.
  • Pull-ups – This exercise trains your biceps, triceps, forearms, shoulders, and many more muscles. First, you need to grip the bar and cross your feet your back should be straight and pull your body down slowly. And this is very good exercise for beginners.
  • Lunges – This exercise hit your lower body and develops your quads, hamstrings, glutes, etc. So your one leg step forward and another leg stretch back and both your knees at 90° degree and your quads front leg parallel to the floor. And do the same with another leg.


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