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Winter workout

Build Muscles in winter.

Today i will discuss you some tips about increasing muscles growth fastly in winter seasons. Hope fully this tips help you to build your muscle mass in winters seasons here we go.

Winter workout
Winter workout

Build muscles in winter.

Drink warm water.

First of all, whenever you wake up in the morning in the winter, so drink a glass of warm water and then take a garlic and mix it with honey and drink it, it helps you to increase your testosterone level and it will help in muscle growth.

Clean and good Diet.

One of the biggest reasons for not having muscle growth is stress, we take lots of stress in our life, that’s why we faced lots of problems in muscle growth, nowadays people are in stress due to work, that’s why peoples doesn’t focus in his workout. It is a good solution to wake up every morning and meditate for 5 to 10 minutes so that your mind will remain calm and focused and you will be able to focus on the workout. And always focused on your protein diet. WITHOUT Diet you can’t able to build a muscle.

Body relief.

Take bath daily after workout and complete and at least 7-8 hours of sleep. If there is good quality sleep then muscle growth will be faster if there is less sleep then muscle growth will not growth. so always remember take proper rest.

Quality sleep.

If you are on muscle building or fat loss stage, then it is very important for you to get sleep, so that your body can function properly. Good quality sleep help you to grow your muscles fastly and help to build a great physique.

And you all know that sleep is really important for muscle recovery. So Your body produce less protein. So if you want your grow your muscles properly and quickly, then you should sleep for at least 7 hours at night. And many study shown that quality sleep help you to grow your muscles faster and recovery faster.

10 Best Protein diet in Winter.


1 Eggs Contain 75 calories, 7gm of high-quality protein, 5gm of fat, and 1.6gm of saturated fat, etc


100 gm almonds contain 579 calories, 21 gm of protein, 49 gm fat, 21 gm of carbs, 12 gm of fiber, 4 gm sugar.


100 gm Lentils contains 116 calories, 0.4 gm of fat, 9 gm of protein, 20 gm of carbs, Vitamin C, iron, magnesium etc.

Cottage cheese.

100 gm of cottage cheese contains 265 calories, 20.7 gm of fat, 1.2 gm carbs, 18 gm protein etc.

Peanut butter.

32- gram of Peanut butter contains 188 calories, 16 gm fats, 7 gm of carbs, 3 gm fiber, 8 gm of protein.

Chicken breast.

100 gm of chicken breast provide 165 calories, 30gm of protein, 3.6 gm of fat.


One cup of whole milk provides 149 calories, 8 gm protein, 8 gm of fat.


100 gm of fish contains 84 calories, 17 gm of protein, 1.20 gm of fat, etc.

protein powders.

You can easily buy protein powders from markets. Mostly gym person use protein powder to build a muscle mass. But i will suggest try to full-fill your protein diet from your home remedies. If you think we are not able to full-fill our protein diet then you will buy a protein powders. protein powders contains hight quality protein.

Lean Beef.

100 gm of lean beef provides 250 calories, 35 gm of protein, and 9 gm of fat.

”So always remember try to follow those step to build muscle mass in winter and also take good protein diet”.

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