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Physical Fitness Classification Why Fitness IS Important For Human Beings.

What is Physical Fitness? | Classification | Importance

So You All Know That Your Body Is your Instrument So its Very Important to keep it Strong. So physical Fitness IS a Very Important Roleplay In Our Life. So let’s Study About Physical Fitness.

What Is the Meaning of Physical Fitness?

The Capability to do daily workout routines, training, and other physical activity without any weariness and still have more reserved energy left in any emergency work which may arise is Known as Physical Fitness.

  • But different people Thinks in Different Way regarding Physical Fitness.
  • Ex – For a Common Person, a Good physique is a Sign Of Physical Fitness.
  • For a Doctor, proper functioning of the physiological system of the Body is a sign of Physical fitness.
Physical Fitness  Classification  Why Fitness IS Important For Human Beings.
Physical Fitness Classification Why Fitness IS Important For Human Beings.

Classification Of Physical Fitness?

1. Aerobic Training – Aerobic exercises are exercise formats that need to be sustained for long periods of time. Aerobic exercises are generally exercises that keep your heart and lungs healthy. Example Of Aerobic Training is Jogging, Swimming, and Jump Rope Are Those Examples.

Benefits Of Aerobics Training.

  • Increase Your Stamina.
  • Less risk of heart disease.
  • Strong Your Bones.
  • Improve Your Mood.

2. Muscular Strength

Strength training is training Were You Trained All The Larger And Smaller Muscle Group OF Your Body By Using Lift Heavy Weight And Light Weights.
Like – Lifting Weights, Working With Resistance Bands, etc.

Benefits Of Muscular Strength.

  • Help to Increase Your Muscle Mass.
  • Help To Improve Your Body Posture.
  • Help To Burn Your Fat.
  • Help to Make You Strong.

3. Flexibility.

Where you can comfortably move your entire joint range without any restriction Is Known As Flexibility. There are Those Types OF Flexibility :
Static Stretching, Dynamic Stretching, Ballistic Stretching.

Benefits Of Flexibility.

  • Decreases Your muscle stiffness.
  • Increase Range OF Motion.
  • Reduce Stress.
  • Less Pain In Your Body.


Speed means the ability to move the whole of your body from one place to another as fast as possible.
Examples – Speed Is Very Important While taking runs in cricket. Speed is Very Important for athletics Etc.

  There Are Types OF Speed Uniform Speed , Variable Speed ,  Average Speed.

Benefits Of Speed.

  • Improve Your Speed.
  • Reduce Risk Of Injury.
  • Increase Stamina.
  • Improve Flexibility.

Why Fitness IS Important For Human Beings.

Physical Fitness Is Very Important Role Play in Our Life…. If You Do Physical Fit then you Are far away from the Doctor: you Avoid illness, and disease, improve blood flow circulation, Remove heart disease, have Strong Bones, have a quality of life, etc.

Some Benefits Of being Fit.

1. Exercise Can Improve Your sex life.

  • Men who do 20-25 minutes of emphatic exercise are almost half as likely to have erection problems compared to inactive men. (Harvard School of Public Health 2003 study shown).
  • Women’s sex life also improves.. ( Several Studies prove this).

2. Increase your life Expectancy.

Several Studies showed that If you do physical fitness So your Life expectancy will increase and detract from the risk of premature mortality.

3. Better Sleep.

Several Studies have Shown That If you do Regular Exercise So your Body is More tired So Your Body demands quality Sleep. So it gives you the best Sleep Quality. It gives you uninterrupted Sleep in Night.. Which Is Very good for Your Health.

And There are Lots OF Benefits Of Doing Physical Fitness. So Be Fit And Be Healthy.

”So Commit TO Be Fit”

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