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Pushup for overall health

The best exercise for overall health?

Exercise is very important for our health. If you are physically fit so you live longer. Exercise is a very important role play in our life. so let’s Study about the Best exercise for overall health.

5 Best exercise for overall health?

  1. Pushup.
  2. Skipping Rope.
  3. Swimming.
  4. Stair running.
  5. Weight training.

Pushup for overall health?

The pushup is really great exercise for overall growth. Pushup train multiple muscles like the shoulder, chest, triceps, and many more muscles. published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, on average, 69.16% of their body mass in the up position, and 75.04% in the down position during the traditional push-ups. The first record for push-ups in Guinness World Records was 6,006 non-stop push-ups by Charles Linster. let’s study how to do Push up.

Pushup for overall health
Pushup for overall health

Start in plank position and the plams should flat on the floor and hand should in shoulder width and your core should tight and and bend your elbow and start lowering your body to the floor and try to touch your chest to floor and then come back.

Skipping Rope.

Skipping rope is really beneficial for overall health. Skipping rope help to Burns your calories and many more benefits like building stronger bones, build your stamina and many more benefits and 10 minutes of skipping helps you burn 100-150 calories. And skipping rope hit muscles like quads, hamstrings, glutes, forearms, shoulders, and many more muscle. let’s study how to do skipping rope.

Stand up straight and firstly you should measure the length of your rope it depends person to person and your rope should be around your upper chest area. And when you jump your feet never touch on the ground and your jump should be relax and very calm. And try to swing the rope through wrist rather than your shoulder. And do practice practice practice.


Swimming is really interesting workout as well as game… It’s fun exercise for you and for your kid. Swimming Hit your those muscles like quads, , hamstrings, glutes, and overall body. Some benefit of swimming like build your stamina , strength , relief stress and many more benefits.

Stair running.

Stair running is so beneficial for overall growth. Muscle hit by stair running glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, abs and calves, and many more muscles. Stair running improves your leg strength and improve Stamina, and improve the amount of “good cholesterol” in the blood, and many more benefits.

you can perform this exercise on your home stairs. May 17, 2021 — A team of researchers who studied heart patients found that stair-climbing routines, whether vigorous or moderate, provide significant cardiovascular and muscular.

Weight training.

Weight training is really great exercise for overall growth.. This exercise performs through dumbbells in the gym. Weight training help you to train your full body and growth your muscles. Weight training help you to more strength.

You can perform the different exercises on different days. You can perform chest on Monday back on shoulder etc. And several studies prove that weight training helps you to lose Weight. 25 minutes of wait training remove 100 calories or more 100.

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