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Top 5 exercise for bigger chest

Top 5 Exercises for a bigger chest.

Almost every bodybuilder has the desire to increase the size of their chest and a broad chest makes your personality more attractive that’s why people go to the gym and work hard to build a strong and muscular chest, but the wishes of some people remain unfulfilled. In human anatomy, the chest is known as the pectoral.

There are two types of muscles the Pectoralis Major and the Pectoralis Minor the chest muscle is divided into 3 parts upper area, mid area, and lower area. The line dividing the left and right chest is called the center line. Today we will discuss best of the best exercises for the chest if you work these chest exercises with consistency and focus then you definitely build a big muscle chest like Lee Haney.

Top 5 exercise for bigger chest
Top 5 Exercises for a bigger chest

5 Benefits of chest workout.

  • Increase your muscle thickness.
  • Improve posture.
  • improve your upper body strength.
  • Improved breathing.
  • Stress relief.

Myth of chest workout.

The biggest myth of the fitness industry is that the best exercise for the upper, middle, and lower chest hahahahahaha you know why I am laughing because that’s the vast myth of people. but the truth is that all the chest exercises will work the entire chest you can’t divide it into parts. ( Read this article) Carefully. Then you realize the biggest myth of this generation.

2 Social Media myth of chest workout.

  • Build body in 25 days Hahahaha.
  • How To Build Body: In Just 7 Days.

some YouTubers and some article publishers are so stupid. They make articles or videos. But they are so stupid people. so always be aware of that’s type of article.

Always be aware after a chest workout.

Diet is really a very important role play after a workout. So always remember clean and good diet is more beneficial than a workout.

Top 5 Exercises for a bigger chest.

  1. Flat bench press.
  2. Inclined Dumbbell Fly.
  3. Cable Crossover Chest Workout.
  4. Chest Dips.
  5. Seated Machine Chest press.

Flat bench press chest exercise.

Flat bench press
Flat bench press

Overview – A bench press is a weight training exercise and one of the most popular exercise where the trainee lying down on a flat bench and presses a weight upwards. The flat bench press targeted the entire chest.

How to do it – Lying down flat on your back on a bench. Grip the bar and your arms are slightly wider than shoulder-width apart and your feet are flat on the floor and chest up and make an arc on your lower back and then Remove the barbell and bring the bar slowly down to your chest in at the nipple line and breathe in and push the bar, extending your arms and breadth out. And watching on the ceiling rather than the bar. Do the same thing according to your sets and reps.

Inclined Dumbbell Fly chest exercise.

Inclined Dumbbell Fly
Inclined Dumbbell Fly

Overview – The inclined dumbbell fly hit your upper chest and the entire chest and is a great way to improve your chest development. The inclined dumbbell chest fly also activates your secondary muscles such as shoulders ad triceps and the inclined dumbbell is a strength training exercise.

How to do it – Lie on an inclined bench and your feet are flat on the floor. Grab dumbbells in each hand and use a neutral grip and chest up and bring the dumbbells up over your chest, unlocking your elbows Inhale and gradually weights down until you feel a soft stretch in your chest and parallel to the floor. Breathe exhale take the dumbbell up and try to keep your hands as straight as possible, and continue until the set is completed.

Cable Crossover Chest exercise.

Cable Crossover
Cable Crossover

Overview – A cable crossover is an isolation movement and will directly hit your chest muscle. One of the most famous exercise, that can be performed low-to-high in a cable pulley machine. it can increase your range of motion.

How to do it – Stand in the middle of cable pulley machine and grip the handles and split your one feet slightly in front of the other and bend your torso forwards a little bit and keep your back straight and pull both handles down and make sure to contract the chest muscles while pulling the weight forward and hold 1-2 sec and gradually returning to the starting position and keep your elbows bent, and continue until the set is completed.

Chest Dips chest exercise.

Chest Dips
Chest Dips

Overview – Chest dips are great exercise for your chest. Chest dips is a compound bodyweight exercise that exercise hitting your lower chest according to a study. But many people don’t do it but this is really beneficial for the overall chest.

How to do it – Hold the two parallel bars and lean forward and put your feet up behind you, breathing in lower yourself down without arching your back until a little stretch in your chest and then go back in a starting position with full arm extension and continue until the set is completed.

Pushups chest exercise.


One of the most effective exercise for the chest. One of the best great things about pushup is they come in a lot of varieties of pushups such as fly pushups, 3 clap pushups etc. And this exercise you perform anywhere and make a good chest physique.

How to do it – Keep the hands slightly wider than the shoulders on the floor and keep your legs straight. the distance between the legs can be kept at shoulder level or you can do it according to your comfort. Slowly lower the body by bending the elbow until your chest nearly touches the floor hold for 1-2 sec then push yourself back in a starting position and repeat.


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